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PE Diagnostic Spreadsheet Description

PE Exam Diagnostic Spreadsheet
Figure 1: Spreadsheet Overview

The PE Diagnostic spreadsheet was developed to help you understand the breakdown for the various PE exams (Construction, Structural, Water, Transportation, and Geotech), and also diagnose a past test to see what subjects you should focus on in the future.

It is a useful spreadsheet to keep on hand so you make sure you are optimizing your time studying.

How to Understand this Spreadsheet
  1. Where to Download
  2. How to use this spreadsheet
  3. Notes
  4. Addendum
  5. Spreadsheet FAQ's

Where to download?

Download the Spreadsheet here.

How to use this Spreadsheet:

This spreadsheet is very simple to use and understand. Figures 2-4 will explain what sections of the spreadsheet can be used.

PE Exam Diagnostic Spreadsheet
Figure 2: Choosing your specialty

There are 5 excel tabs at the bottom of each sheet (See Figure 2). Find your specialty and head there.

PE Exam Diagnostic Spreadsheet
Figure 3: Analyzing a previous exam

The blue column (See Figure 3) will help you analyze a previous test to see where you need to improve. By filling out the percentages you got correct (which will be sent to you via mail by NCEES if you do not pass), you can narrow down what subjects you should review for the next test.

PE Exam Diagnostic Spreadsheet
Figure 4: Preparing for a future exam

The green column (See Figure 4) will help you prepare for a future test. You can play with the numbers to see if it's beneficial for you to study more for the morning transportation section or for the afternoon structural loading section. At the very least this is a useful aide to have available while you're studying to keep on track. For example, there is no reason to spend half of your time studying economics and the transportation AM section if it only accounts for around 14% of the exam.


The following notes must be considered when using this spreadsheet:

  1. Created using the NCEES guidelines for the exams, which can be found in more detail here:
  2. Filling out the blue cells will breakdown a previous test. Filling out the green cells will help you study for a future test.
  3. The cells of this spreadsheet are unlocked and will not require a password to alter.


  • V1.0: This is the original version of the PE Study Plan Spreadsheet (contributed by Engrboards)



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