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Engineering: UnitConversion-Q

Unit Conversions Alphabetically by Name

Unit Conversions starting with the letter "Q":

To Convert: Into: Multiply by:
quadrants (angle) degrees 90
quadrants (angle) minutes 5400
quadrants (angle) radians 1.571
quadrants (angle) seconds 3.24 x 105
quarts (dry) cu inches 67.2
quarts (liq.) cu cms 946.4
quarts (liq.) cu feet 0.03342
quarts (liq.) cu inches 57.75
quarts (liq.) cu meters 9.464 x 10-4
quarts (liq.) cu yards 1.238 x 10-3
quarts (liq.) gallons 0.25
quarts (liq.) liters 0.9463

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