The Rules to become a WikiEngineer Editor

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WikiEngineer works very hard to ensure that only quality information is placed onto the website. For that very reason not everyone is allowed to freely edit this wiki. Instead WikiEngineer has setup a specific group of authors that are allowed to edit the Engineering related pages on the site (note that certain pages on the site are only able to be edited by an administrator; this is to ensure that the general format/functionality of the site remain intact).

Benefits to the Authors

  • By networking with other engineers across a variety of fields, you'll gain more knowledge, and contacts. WikiEngineer has thousands of individual engineers coming to the site each and every month.
  • Build a portfolio of work that you've done. This can be used to show your expertise in a certain field to a company. Also as recognition of the wiki grows, so will the benefits of being an author of the wiki.
  • Help other engineers to learn and understand both simple and complex engineering principles.
  • Become part of a growing community of technical specialties.
  • Be able to add a Profile so others can see what you're up to. You'll even be able to brag about what you do when you're not working (which to be honest for us engineers is not very often).

What we're looking for is:

  1. First it's important for the meet and greet. Start the process by sending us a short message letting us know you're interested in adding material to the wiki.
    • In the meet and greet feel free to tell us a little bit about yourself: what fields you work in, where you live, etc.
  2. We'll then request that new authors send us a word document with some lessons that can be added to the site (examples, how-to's, images, lectures, or anything that you think would be beneficial to the site). We will then start posting your work under your own username (you'll be able to choose your own username). This helps us to gauge where your expertise will fit into the site and also protects the website's content (in the past there have been some unscrupulous people who have tried to harm the site and this gets them out of the way).
  3. After you've provided a few quality articles you will be given full access to the website and be allowed to roam freely on the Wild West of the Web (the www as we like to call it).
  4. The final step will be teaching you the intricacies of the wiki (how to write equations, how to propperly format a document, etc).

I'd like to contribute, but i don't understand all of the online stuff

Don't worry! We're here for you. If you still want to contribute but would rather just submit content, then we will set you up with an angel poster (I stole this idea from angel investors). Basically we'll create a username of your choice, then any of your work that we add, we'll add under your own username (the credit will all go to your own account). You can even write us a profile for yourself and we'll add all that too.

This takes all of the craziness (formatting, equations, links, etc.) our of the work and is easier for those who don't want to learn all of the wiki stuff (I don't blame you, I don't want to learn it either).

How to Start?

You can send your application via the Contact page. If you would like to send me an email directly then just shoot me an email (using a proper email) with the Contact page and I'll respond. Sorry about all this work but a little extra effort now will hopefully keep the evildoers at bay.

WikiEngineer is meant to be a professional site for professionals from the engineering field. Thank you for your interest in and I hope you decide to pursue becoming an author and join our community.



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