I am Ali Ahmed, working as Lecturer in Civil Engineering Department, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore.

Being a person from military background (family) I got all my education upto college from PAF Colleges with out standing grades (First positions). In 2004 I joined University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore in Civil Engineering Department and graduated in 2008 with four gold medals and top position. I kept going in the field of educaiton by joining the same department for MSc Civil Engineering with specialization in Structural Engineering and graduated in 2011. I joined the same department in 2008 as Lecturer and still working there.

Research Papers:

  • A. Ahmed, I. Hassan, Design comparison of two way slab system by DDM and EFM, Science Direct 2009.
  • Shafqat A & A. Ahmed, Lateral confinement of RC short column, Science Direct 2012.
  • Ali A,Ubaid A.M, calculation of dynamic response of multistory building subjected to earthquake by modal analysis, Science Direct 2012.



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