I'm a superintendent for a construction management firm in New York City. Basically, I manage the trade contractors on a project and coordinate the work among them. The goal is to get the structure completed on time, under budget, safely and up to the required standards quality-wise.

I also have some experience in traffic engineering, working for a firm on a part-time basis while in school for two years.

My background is in civil engineering; I received my bachelor's degree in 2007 and my master's in 2008.


My goal on this site is to educate those who are unfamiliar with the construction process. In civil engineering courses, everyone is taught how to design a building, but rarely do professors ever discuss how it is physically constructed (and rightly so because there's simply too much material to cover). When I first started working on a construction site, I was completely lost, even though I spent five years in college learning about all this.

Other Interests

My interests outside of construction and engineering lay in baseball, photography and urban & regional planning.

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