Miss Lee, LEED AP

Kickers are perfectly aligned - they each have equal bearing weight of the wall once it is doubled up and poured
This is the beginning of a concrete wall.

I'm currently working in the office side of construction, which is pretty typical for most college grads. I've started looking at cost controls, budgets, adjusting contract amounts, and most everything dealing with financials of a project and its contractors. Because I work for a general contractor, and I've been exposed to almost every aspect of construction, I can give great contributions to this wiki forum.

Before my promotion to the office, I was a field engineer. Basically that meant I was a problem solver on a tight schedule. I performed control and layout of gridlines and elevations, acting as an eye in the field to make sure things are getting built the right way and with the most current information.

I graduated in 2006 with my Bachelor's in Civil Engineering from the University of Southern California. I had an emphasis in Building Science, which translates into an architecture studio course each semester on top of the regular engineering courses.

View from inside a rebar cage
Workers often joke about burying annoying foremen in footings

I still appreciate great architecture today - some of my favorite places I've been to include: The Ghetty, The Gamble House, the new Renzo Piano portion of the LACMA museum, and all the random concrete houses I drive by in LA. Gotta love that sterile concrete facade with clean glazing & invisible structure. It's neat how concrete lets those houses just float over their driveways like a balloon on a string.

In my free time I also enjoy going to the theatre district in Los Angeles; they have the craziest shows with budgets so low you know the acting has to be amazing to compensate. Modern and contemporary dance also catch my fancy. There's certainly a link between modern choreographers reinventing ballet's pallid alphabet, and engineers playing marionette to the architect's fancy. It takes real innovation and brilliance to redefine a generation's perspective. People who are willing to challenge the common notion of what's "right" are my greatest heroes.

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