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Structural: Reinforced Concrete Design Practices


Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water House
An Example of Concrete Construction

The word concrete comes from the Latin word "concretus", which means "hardened" or "hard".

Concrete is an aggregate material composed primarily of: cement, water, and aggregates (aggregates can be a number of materials including gravel, limestone, sand, etc). Because concrete is not a homogeneous material it's strength and structural properties will vary greatly dependent on how it is made.

The American Concrete Institution (ACI) provides the design criteria for most concrete elements. The Design Codes currently being used by the IBC is the ACI 318.

Reinforced Concrete Analysis:

The different types of concrete:

Different types of concrete can be used in a variety of special circumstances and are labeled the following:

Testing Procedure:

Concrete will normally be tested at 28 days to determine the strength of the concrete.

Common Concrete Properties [1]:

Common Concrete Properties include (english units):

Common Concrete Properties include (metric units):


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