About WikiEngineer

The aim of WikiEngineer is to provide a resource, by professionals and faculty, to help other engineers or students to understand a variety of engineering related issues.

This can be accomplished with examples, documentation, and traceability. An equation on a page without a way to trace that equation to it's origin is not an aid to engineers. At best it can only be considered a theory (or in mathematics a postulate). Proper documentation tracing a practice, it's applicability, and examples of that practice are necessary for an engineer to gain any help from the internet.


  • WikiEngineer plans to combine resources between engineers by providing information and documentation on various engineering topics.
  • To help students more fully understand their work through examples.
  • To create a community of technical minded individuals that can help each other grow.
  • To bridge the gap between technical and general, theory and practice.
  • In a more international thought, to help spread knowledge to our neighbors abroad in the hopes that it helps
    • This is not to say that I believe the engineering practices of America to always be correct, in fact I've read about revolutionary engineering in other countries that I would love to see America adopt, but seeing how I had my schooling and currently live in the United States it is the only reasonable starting point for me.
  • To become a engineering portal for engineers of all trades and crafts to use and enjoy.
  • To create a database of quality knowledge and experience.

To Sum it Up

WikiEngineer may have started as a small idea, but with the help of the engineering community I'd like to see it grow into a valued resource for engineers of all professions, trades, and nationalities.

If you feel like you'd like to help WikiEngineer grow, please read the
'Rules to become a WikiEngineer editor' for more information.



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