Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to Join WikiEngineer
  2. How do I view the missing pages
  3. I have something to add to WikiEngineer
  4. The Equations on 'Page xyz' are too small to read
  5. I need help with homework

1) How to Join WikiEngineer

The most common question by far is: how do I sign up for this website? I dont see an option to sign up so I can obtain a Login ID

Most often the user who is asking this question is viewing a page that has not been created yet. 99% of the wikiengineer pages are available for the public to view (the only restricted pages deal with the security of the wiki). Therefore if you've clicked a link that has asked you for your username and password it is asking you to start editing the page. More information is written about missing pages in FAQ #2 below.

2) How do I view the missing pages

I have received a few emails asking for a username and password for the password protected pages and I'd like to clear that issue up here. Certain pages will have a Question Mark next to them (like this: Example?). When these links are clicked you will be asked to enter your username and password. This is not because the page is protected from viewing (in most cases), but rather because the page doesn't exist. The site is asking you for a username and password so you can create the blank page.

3) I have something to add to WikiEngineer

Fantastic! Thanks for helping to expand the knowledge of engineers across many professions and many borders. the work that has already been donated to WikiEngineer has already helped thousands of engineers. You can get into contact with us by contacting us.

The best part is we'll credit you for the work! We'll make a username and post any donated work under that username. (this can be further explained in the editor signup section.

4) The Equations on 'Page xyz' are too small to read

Oftentimes I'll be asked to increase the size of the equations on a page (readers will often feel they are two small to read).

The equations on any page can be increased in two ways:

  1. Increase the size of your browser font (this can often be done in the Options/Settings tab of your browser or by hitting ctrl +
  2. When an equation is present on a page a little javascript button is loaded onto the bottom right hand corner of the page (it says jsMath). If you click: jsMath > Options > Scale all Mathematics you can change the scale of all the equations on the website from 120% (default) up to 200%. This is a semi-permanent solution which will transfer between the different pages of the wiki.

Note: the jsMath menu also has the option to download hi-resolution fonts which will make the wiki and any pages printed off the wiki look nicer. This option is recommended for regular users.

5) I need help with homework

Wikiengineer was made to help you understand a variety of engineering topics. That being said it was not created to do your homework for you. There are a variety of other forums out there that are willing to help you with homework. Check out our Engineering Links for a good place to start looking.



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