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(:table border=2 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0:) (:cell align=center colspan=4 bgcolor=#d4d7ba:)Unit Conversions Alphabetically by Name (:cellnr:)





Unit Conversions starting with the letter "H":

(:table border=1 cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0:) (:cell bgcolor=#cccccc:) To Convert: (:cell bgcolor=#cccccc:) Into: (:cell bgcolor=#cccccc:) Multiply by: (:cellnr:) Hand (:cell:) Cm. (:cell:) 10.16 (:cellnr:) hectares (:cell:) acres (:cell:) 2.471 (:cellnr:) hectares (:cell:) sq feet (:cell:) 1.076 x 105 (:cellnr:) hectograms (:cell:) grams (:cell:) 100 (:cellnr:) hectoliters (:cell:) liters (:cell:) 100 (:cellnr:) hectometers (:cell:) meters (:cell:) 100 (:cellnr:) hectowatts (:cell:) watts (:cell:) 100 (:cellnr:) henries (:cell:) millihenries (:cell:) 1000 (:cellnr:) Hogsheads (British) (:cell:) cubic ft. (:cell:) 10.114 (:cellnr:) Hogsheads (U.S.) (:cell:) cubic ft. (:cell:) 8.42184 (:cellnr:) Hogsheads (U.S.) (:cell:) gallons (U.S.) (:cell:) 63 (:cellnr:) horsepower (:cell:) Btu / min (:cell:) 42.44 (:cellnr:) horsepower (:cell:) foot-lbs / min (:cell:) 33000 (:cellnr:) horsepower (:cell:) foot-lbs / sec (:cell:) 550 (:cellnr:) horsepower (metric) (542.5 ft lb/sec) (:cell:) horsepower (550 ft lb / sec) (:cell:) 0.9863 (:cellnr:) horsepower (550 ft lb/sec) (:cell:) horsepower (metric) (542.5 ft lb / sec) (:cell:) 1.014 (:cellnr:) horsepower (:cell:) kg-calories / min (:cell:) 10.68 (:cellnr:) horsepower (:cell:) kilowatts (:cell:) 0.7457 (:cellnr:) horsepower (:cell:) watts (:cell:) 745.7 (:cellnr:) horsepower (boiler) (:cell:) Btu / hr (:cell:) 33.479 (:cellnr:) horsepower (boiler) (:cell:) kilowatts (:cell:) 9.803 (:cellnr:) horsepower-hrs (:cell:) Btu (:cell:) 2547 (:cellnr:) horsepower-hrs (:cell:) ergs (:cell:) 2.6845 x 1013 (:cellnr:) horsepower-hrs (:cell:) foot-lbs (:cell:) 1.98 x 106 (:cellnr:) horsepower-hrs (:cell:) gram-calories (:cell:) 641190 (:cellnr:) horsepower-hrs (:cell:) joules (:cell:) 2.684 x 106 (:cellnr:) horsepower-hrs (:cell:) kg-calories (:cell:) 641.1 (:cellnr:) horsepower-hrs (:cell:) kg-meters (:cell:) 2.737 x 105 (:cellnr:) horsepower-hrs (:cell:) kilowatt-hrs (:cell:) 0.7457 (:cellnr:) hours (:cell:) days (:cell:) 4.167 x 10-2 (:cellnr:) hours (:cell:) weeks (:cell:) 5.952 x 10-3 (:cellnr:) Hundredwghts (long) (:cell:) pounds (:cell:) 112 (:cellnr:) Hundredwghts (long) (:cell:) tons (long) (:cell:) 0.05 (:cellnr:) Hundredwghts (short) (:cell:) ounces (avoirdupois) (:cell:) 1600 (:cellnr:) Hundredwghts (short) (:cell:) pounds (:cell:) 100 (:cellnr:) Hundredwghts (short) (:cell:) tons (metric) (:cell:) 0.0453592 (:cellnr:) Hundredwghts (short) (:cell:) tons (long) (:cell:) 0.0446429 (:tableend:)\\\



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