Admingineer, P.E.

In my free time I rockclimb, hike, play some tennis, dabble in web design, read, and get out into snow country whenever possible. The nice thing about Southern California is you can find yourself traveling from the snow filled mountains to the beaches in about 2 hours. I've also found that almost every culture of every continent can be found within about 20 miles of my apartment.

In October 2008 I passed the PE (structural emphasis) in California. Because of the hundreds of hours of studying I had to do to pass the test, I decided to share some of the notes I've taken across the fields.


Trojan Engineering
USC Engineering image I made in school.
  • I got my BSCE and MSCE from USC in 2007.
  • I got my certificate of completion for Dale Carnegie in 2009. A side story is that I've been told that the only diploma that Warren Buffet has on his wall is a Dale Carnegie Certificate.
  • I also designed my first website in the 7th grade. Since then my hobby has taken me to design sites for myself, my own company, and numerous others. My Engineering background greatly improved my ability to think like a programmer (even though I was a Civil Engineer (Structural Emphasis) base), and work through problems.

Licenses I have

  • Professional Engineer (CA, NV, OR, NM)
  • NCEES License

Work Experience

I currently work at a structural firm that works in Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Nuclear, Entertainment, and Insurance (all over the place I know). The variety of work leads me to think like an engineer, not like a machine. Out of the box thinking is common so often you'll see everyone sitting around trying to group knowledge and find the best way to tackle a problem. A lot of things we'll see is not common, so it takes a hive mind to figure everything we need to do. That is what I'm trying to accomplish with W.E, that hive-mind that can help the engineering community as a whole.

Reason for making WikiEngineer

I've created this site to help students, laymen, and more experienced engineers alike more fully understand the various principles of engineering. I believe that the Engineering reference websites out there are very technical, and hard to follow. I plan on taking this site back to the basics, then working all the way up through advanced ideas (Hopefully with the help of others a little more experienced than myself). Therefore creating a full bodied resource for engineers of many backgrounds to use.

As an added bonus this website will also help bridge the gap between my love of engineering with my love of web design. Hopefully my girlfriend will be able to understand that :)

Where do I see WikiEngineer heading?

I would like to see a community of engineers that work together to make the world a safer and more functional place. Between high costs and undercutting, the art of engineering is dying. I would like to help standardize what we know, group knowledge, experience, and resources into one place.

I feel that a Wiki with a controlled group of writers is exactly what is needed to help others to understand both difficult and easy concepts alike. Also instead of using an open Wiki (such as wikipedia), I think that a wiki closed to the general public will be a more trustworthy source. Not that I don't trust the general public's knowledge, there is just a great deal of wikispammers out there who tend to ruin such a beautiful idea.

Thank you for visiting WikiEngineer and I hope you find what you need, help where you can, and live a life to be proud of.

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