WikiDoodle (aka Doodles)

What is WikiDoodle?

Lets get to the meat of the issue first, just exactly what is WikiDoodle (aka doodles)?

Well WikiDoodle, or Doodles as i’m going to call it for short, has been setup to allow the various authors (who keep this wiki up to snuff) to talk to one another, make suggestions, see what’s new and improved in the design/development front of WikiEngineer, explain a little more about themselves in a more personal setting (aka a resume section), and that sort of thing.

As opposed to the Editor’s Profile section which is open to the public, Doodles is the only section of the site (aside from those that would pose a security risk if I opened them up), that will only be open to the authors/editors/engineers that contribute to WikiEngineer.

Well I am an Author, now what?

Well, whenever you login the Doodles bar will pop up in your right navigation bar. Note that you have to be signed in to see this (therefore if you haven’t signed in and would like to jump straight into the Doodles section you’ll either need to save the link to the Doodles section, whereupon you’ll be prompted for your username/password, or you can click edit at the top of any page, and sign in through there).

After signing in you can addpages/addcomments/basically do whatever you please, and as long as it falls within the Doodles section of the site it will not be displayed to the general public. I’ve initially setup a few sections which will allow you to ask for improvements, make recommendations, that sort of thing.

Well I can see this page, does that mean I have Doodles Access?

Not necessarily, I’ve gone ahead and opened this page up to the public so they can know about Doodles. If you are interested in having access to Doodles (and the ability to edit the site) then you’ll need to signup to Become an Editor. Otherwise, the rest of the Wiki (including all of the problems/equations/etc.) are available for you to use for free.

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