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Sustainable Sites

LEED Sustainable Sites Fig 1: Sustainable transportation (Photo: This category is addressed first on the LEED Scorecard because the site itself needs to meet specific requirements before an owner can even think of asking for a LEED project. This means an owner should be asking themselves about the LEED process before they choose the site to develop. […]


A Project Schedule The typical project schedule is based on what type of project it is, if the design documents are complete, and if the schedule will be cost-loaded. Let’s take a simple example first, we’ll look at construction of a home. Don’t laugh, it’s nothing like the P-6’s and P-3’s of our time, but it is effective because […]

Materials and Resources

LEED Materials and Resources This section of the new v3.0 LEED Scorecard has also changed in point breakdown from the previous version, gaining 1 point. Many of the other sections’ point values were doubled, but Materials and Resources was regarded as a section with a one-time impact on the building, compared to the design and efficiency. This […]

LEED Submittals

LEED Online Submittals So how does a project get points towards certification? Each of the credits listed on the LEED Scorecard requires a submittal to the USGBC to score a point towards certification. If you’re familiar with the construction process, this is just like a submittal you would provide to an owner for a product in the specifications. See […]