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Sustainable Sites

LEED Sustainable Sites Fig 1: Sustainable transportation (Photo: This category is addressed first on the LEED Scorecard because the site itself needs to meet specific requirements before an owner can even think of asking for a LEED project. This means an owner should be asking themselves about the LEED process before they choose the site to develop. […]


A Project Schedule The typical project schedule is based on what type of project it is, if the design documents are complete, and if the schedule will be cost-loaded. Let’s take a simple example first, we’ll look at construction of a home. Don’t laugh, it’s nothing like the P-6’s and P-3’s of our time, but it is effective because […]

Materials and Resources

LEED Materials and Resources This section of the new v3.0 LEED Scorecard has also changed in point breakdown from the previous version, gaining 1 point. Many of the other sections’ point values were doubled, but Materials and Resources was regarded as a section with a one-time impact on the building, compared to the design and efficiency. This […]

LEED Submittals

LEED Online Submittals So how does a project get points towards certification? Each of the credits listed on the LEED Scorecard requires a submittal to the USGBC to score a point towards certification. If you’re familiar with the construction process, this is just like a submittal you would provide to an owner for a product in the specifications. See […]

LEED Study Habits

How to Study for the LEED AP Exam Before you start, you should first read the LEED AP Handbook, now offered online, and memorize the scorecard. Credits are all abbreviated in the following format: Sustainable Sites credit 3 is shown as SSc3. Some people swear by saying the credits aloud while showering, or driving to work. Reciting the credits may […]