LEED Study Habits

How to Study for the LEED AP Exam

Before you start, you should first read the LEED AP Handbook, now offered online, and memorize the scorecard. Credits are all abbreviated in the following format: Sustainable Sites credit 3 is shown as SSc3. Some people swear by saying the credits aloud while showering, or driving to work. Reciting the credits may work for some, but I recommend writing them down each day, either in the morning right when you first get to work, or at home after dinner. Try to recite and memorize every day for at least two weeks before the test.

You should study so that you can write down the entire scorecard from memory, writing down small acronyms and percentages to help you remember the idea behind each credit or prerequisite. Then when you take your practice test, or any practice questions, sit down and give yourself ten minutes to write the scorecard before you try to answer anything.

This is important because the Prometric test site provides scratch paper and pencil to all test takers. Again, at the site, after a short tutorial on how to answer test questions on the computer, you should write down the abbreviated scorecard and any information you need. You’ve essentially created your own cheat sheet from memory that you can reference for a visual aid throughout the test. It’s almost too easy!

Here’s an example of what your own scorecard might look like for the Sustainable Sites Section:

SSc1 – SS
SSc2 – DD & CC
SSc3 – BR
SSc4.1 – AT Pub Trans
SSc4.2 – AT Bike Stor & Chg Rm
SSc4.3 – AT LE & FE Veh
SSc4.4 – AT Pk Cap
SSc5.1 – SD prot & rest
SSc5.2 – SD Max O Spc
SSc6.1 – SWD – Qnty
SSc6.2 – SWD – Qlty
SSc7.1 – HI non roof
SSc7.2 – HI roof
SSc8 – Lt Poll Reduc

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