PmWiki Information

Below you will find numerous sections that are meant to help you understand WikiEngineer. How to Edit Pages, Information on the wiki engine which runs WikiEngineer and tons of other information has been appended below.

This information is probably only needed for Editors and admins, but feel free to look through it if you feel so inclined.

Information for Editors

  • Basic Editing
    • This is all you need to know to get started with PmWiki Syntax. It will teach you the Microsoft Word basics of the Site.
  • Documentation Index
    • This is a documentation of all of the topics the PmWiki system has to cover. It goes through numerous helpful tutorials such as image attachment, table creation, coloring, etc. Reading through this will give you a multitude of freedoms with the PmWiki engine and you'll be able to do some really cool things on WikiEngineer.
  • Equation Syntax
    • This will teach you how to use JsMath so that you can edit the equations. This is an advanced topic but the ability to use this language will allow you to insert equations into WikiEngineer.

Information for Administrators

Misc. PmWiki Pages which should be noted for site administration



Electrical Engineering


General Engineering




Water Resources


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