Indoor Environmental Quality

LEED Indoor Environmental Quality This portion of the LEED Scorecard really brings to focus all the opportunities to use clean finishes, ones with fewer emissions that contaminate the air we breathe. According to the LEED Reference Manual, Americans spend 90% of our time indoors. That means cleaning the indoor air starts from the materials we use like […]


Construction Construction is widely believed to be the oldest profession; simple prehistoric structures as old as 1.7 million years have been discovered near fossils of human ancestors. Early builders were certainly engineers as well. They relied on their instincts to determine how to build the strongest structure using materials readily available to them. Proof of […]

LEED v3 Online

What’s new online? The USGBC has made 3 major changes to their program. I am extremely impressed with their ability to take suggestions from organizations world-wide and turn the site into a more user-friendly interface. Harmonized Scorecards Credits and Prerequisites are now common along all the major rating systems. In the old system, the scorecards for Commercial […]

Energy And Atmosphere

LEED Energy and Atmosphere Fig 1: Renewable Energy (Photo: ref) This section of the LEED Scorecard relies on building modeling and the beautiful results technology can bring to the table. We also look at Commissioning, which is sometimes hard to grasp in concept if you haven’t been in the industry long enough. We’ll break it down into layman’s […]