LEED Study Habits

How to Study for the LEED AP Exam Before you start, you should first read the LEED AP Handbook, now offered online, and memorize the scorecard. Credits are all abbreviated in the following format: Sustainable Sites credit 3 is shown as SSc3. Some people swear by saying the credits aloud while showering, or driving to work. Reciting the credits may […]

LEED Registration

Project Registration Registering a project early on in the process is extremely important; it solidifies the commitment for the designers to follow suit. This is a common thread throughout the LEED AP Exam?: earlier is optimal. The exam covers all aspects of project administration; some important things to remember are: register early, register online (save the trees, remember?), […]

LEED Rating System

Rating System for Buildings There are several levels of certification a building can acquire: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. In its fledgling years, the USGBC also had another category: Bronze, but it has since been put to rest, as the award did not require exceptional measures to gain certification. Each level of certification is defined by the […]

LEED Online

LEED Online Click here to see new LEED v3.0 Online revisions! They’ve made some amazing updates that many organizations never thought would be able to be quantified by the USGBC! “Online” is another common theme of the exam. All major milestones for LEED Certification are completed online. This includes, and is not limited to, registration, submittals, CIRs, delegation […]

Exemplary Performance & Innovation and Design Process

What Constitutes Exemplary Performance? The LEED scorecard has identified the last section as Innovation and Design Process. This is oftentimes shortened to ID points, similar to how we label SS for Sustainable Sites, etc. Just an example of Innovation, not necessarily LEED related How Many Points Can We Get? There are five possible points in this section, one […]

LEED Credit Interpretation Rulings

LEED Credit Interpretation Rulings Note: All Credit Interpretation Rulings on the USGBC database can only be applied to projects that were registered pre-2009. Projects post June 2009 will now use project-specific CIR’s. The CIR database will eventually be phased out, and a CIR for one project will only be granted for that project per the […]

LEED Certification

Certification of a Building The first Platinum rated LEED home (Santa Monica, CA) “LEED certified projects blend environmental, economic, and occupant-oriented performance. They cost less to operate and maintain; are energy- and water-efficient; have higher lease- up rates than conventional buildings in their markets; are healthier and safer for occupants; and are a physical demonstration […]


What is LEED? The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) is a non-profit organization that sought to create a shift in building design with respect to the environment. The program aimed to spotlight projects who opted for following green standards over the typical model. See the new updated LEED 3.0 model and changes to the system in all sections of […]